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During this week’s Dr. Patty Ann’s Tuesday Tips for Success a viewer asked what she should do after not receiving a job promotion. Click below for my answer.

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Video: Giving Work Presentation

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Does fear of public speaking get in the way of giving an awesome work presentation? Click on video to watch how I answered this week’s question on Dr. Patty Ann’s Tuesday Tips for Success.

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How do you keep your potential client on track to close a deal, when they keep going off on a tangent and NOT talking about the product you are trying to sell them? Watch my response to this question during Dr. Patty Ann’s Tuesday Tips for Success below.

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VIDEO: To Go or Not to Go?

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To Go or Not to Go? THAT is the question asked during this week’s Dr. Patty Ann’s Tuesday Tips for Success.

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Watch today’s interview to learn how to effectively handle stress at work.

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Would you like to learn how to create a successful mindset? Watch this video where I share 3 irrefutable ways you can create a winning, successful mindset.

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great-communicators-smlDon’t you just love this quote from the comedian George Bernard Shaw: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

Ineffective communication is often at the root of failed leadership, disengaged employees, poor customer service and failed marriages.

The inability to connect with others is a symptom of ineffective communication.

John C. Maxwell, an internationally renowned leadership expert wrote a best selling book titled: “Everyone communicates, Few Connect”.

How true that statement is!

“Connecting is the ability to identify with people and relate to them in a way that increases your influence with them.” John C Maxwell

The ability to connect is what all great communicators nail down.

And they connect with people on an emotional level.

It is impossible to become a great leader, a great spouse, a great parent and a great friend if you cannot connect with others.

You can’t influence someone if you can’t build a connection with them.

Following are 7 effective strategies that great communicators use to connect with people.

Master these skills and watch your connection and influence with others soar!

1. It’s Not About ME – it’s about YOU (the person or the audience).

Great communicators do not try to impress their audience with their credentials, what they know and how smart they are.

They relate to the audience based upon where the audience is – so they feel understood.

This is true whether it is an audience of one or one million people.

2. Authentic. Great communicators stay true to themselves.

People can smell a phony a mile away! That is why great communicators don’t try to be anyone they are not.

People are drawn to others who radiate authenticity and honesty.

When people are drawn to you – chances are they will be drawn to your message as well.

Authenticity is the glue that binds the connection.

3. Read Body Language Like a Book. Research shows well over 50% of all communication is non-verbal. Therefore, the greatest source of truthful information is revealed in people’s body language.

Body language is constant. Unlike verbal communication, non-verbal communication never stops. It’s always sending signals about how someone thinks and feels.

Great communicators are experts when it comes to reading body language. They can read facial expressions and other non-verbal gestures that reveal how someone really feels and what they really think (which may be at odds with what they say).

Every great communicator knows it is just as important to know what is not being said, as much as it is to know what is being said.

4. Communicate with Authority without being Arrogant. Great communicators speak clearly and directly about how they feel and what they believe.

They do not leave you guessing as to what their message is because they tell it like it is.

Although great communicators are direct, they are not rude or offensive.

5. Active Listening Skills

Great communicators remain totally present while actively listening to others when they speak. They are not distracted by their surroundings or their own thoughts.

They remain totally focused on the speaker and what is being said to them.

The only way to insure your listener knows they are being heard is to actively listen to them.

Reframing is one of the most powerful techniques that are essential to active listening. Simply, you re-frame what someone has just said to you to insure you heard them correctly. For example you might say: “You’re basically saying the team is having a difficult time implementing this strategy, correct?”

6. Every Single Person in the Room Believes You are Talking Directly to Them!

When speaking to a large audience, great communicators develop a level of intimacy with the audience that makes every single person in the room feel as if they are the only person in the room.

This is no easy feat. It requires the ability to be genuine and express the same feelings and energy you would emit when speaking to an individual, as opposed to getting consumed by the anxiety of a large crowd.

If you’ve ever been in a large audience and yet you felt the speaker was talking directly to you – you know how emotional this experience can be – and how lasting that connection becomes!

7. Connect with Feelings not Facts. All great communicators know that you emotionally connect with your audience.

As Maya Angelou said: “People will forget what you said and did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Enough said!

Every great communicator connects with their audience. Utilizing the above strategies will increase your ability to connect with the people in your professional and personal world.

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During my recent @WTNH CH. 8 segment of Dr. Patty Ann’s Tuesday Tips for the Day, a budding entrepreneur wanted to know when is the best time to leave her corporate job and start her own business. Click on the video to watch my reply.

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That Special Something You Must Have for Success!Wouldn’t you love to be that guy or gal that everyone wants to be around?

The person who commands a “presence” when they walk into a room.

The person who exhibits magnetism that makes others naturally gravitate towards them.

Everyone wants to be on his or her team.

Everyone wants to work with them – or for them.

Question: So what exactly is “it” that these people possess?

Answer: Executive Presence

What is Executive Presence?

Sylvia Ann Hewlett states that Executive Presence is seen in the way you act, look and sound.

People with executive presence exhibit confidence, competence, poise, effective communication skills and the ability to remain calm in the eye of the storm – all fundamental characteristics of executive presence.

If you don’t look, act and sound like an executive or leader, it will be extremely difficult to be perceived as one or to become one.

Here’s the really good news. Executive Presence can be learned.

3 Key Ingredients Essential to Executive Presence

1. Gravitas – how you act or behave is perhaps the single most important component of Executive Presence.

If you want to be an executive/leader, you must act like one by exhibiting authenticity, competence, confidence, trustworthiness, poise and an ability to remain calm in the eye of the storm.

People with executive presence treat everyone with respect and dignity, regardless of their position within the company.

Their behavior towards others displays a genuine interest in who they are as a person first – and what they do as a professional second.

Want to increase your gravitas?

Increase your self-awareness.

The more you understand yourself, and what makes you tick, the more executive presence you will display. Increased self-awareness will directly impact the way you behave and act towards others.

2. Effective Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential component of executive presence.

Exemplary verbal & non-verbal communication skills are consistently demonstrated – along with the ability to actively listen to others.

Active Listening allows you to hear what is not being said – and ascertain the question that is not being asked.

These are invaluable skills for any leader (and parent for that matter).

Effective communication allows you to connect with others. And isn’t that the goal of all forms of communication?

Want to improve your Communication Skills?

Executive coaching, self-help books, attending workshops and seminars and asking for open honest feedback about your communication skills from colleagues and friends will all improve your ability to effectively communicate.

3. Award Winning Appearance – how you look.

Make no mistake about it, people make a snap judgment about who you are and what your level of competency is based upon your appearance.

Amy Cuddy, in her best-selling book: “Presence“ discusses that people size us up and make an initial impression about us within seconds of meeting us.

Therefore, it’s obvious that your appearance plays a huge role in how you are perceived.

Want Your Look Like You Got "IT"?

Dress appropriately.

Wear clothes that are not too loose or restrictive and appropriate for your company’s corporate culture.

Practice good personal hygiene including healthy teeth.

Extend a firm handshake, make appropriate eye contact, exhibit positive body language and utilize good posture.

These aspects of our appearance speak volumes about who we are and how we feel about ourselves – and will influence what others think of us. (Like it or not – this is a fact)!

Executive presence is an important tool for your success.

You can readily increase your executive presence by demonstrating the above 3 key characteristics – so you, too, can have “IT!”

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Do you want to learn how men can help #empowerwomen in the workplace? Watch today’s video blog where I share three ways men (and women) can promote #genderequality.

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